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We wanted to stop for a while and understand what was is going on. We wanted to listen to what nature was whispering to us. We wanted to go beyond the norms and start thinking for ourselves. That's why we created a company whose motto is the well-being of people and nature. In our concern to preserve a healthy environment, we offered to Slovenian market products that respect sustainable development and do not pollute the environment. In respect of animals, we offer only products that are not tested on them and do not contain derivatives of animal origin.

In our offer you will find:

  • AMI pet food

The reasoning behind chosing to feed cats and dogs an industrial kibble that is a complete petfood , is not only based on practicality, but also on the respect and health of our pets. In fact, our kibble diet guarantees the compliance with all of the highest nutritional parameters established by international authorities, by using plant-based feed materials.

Science, just like conscience, are continuously evolving and provide us with more awareness and new options for choice. The Amì diet implies harmony with nature, revealed by science and guided by love for animals.

Ami follow cruelty- free science and its continuous development. They constantly research and try to improve daily, guided by heart and experience, respecting both science and conscience.

  • ORME NATURALI shampoo for dogs and cats

A natural cosmetic line for our pets. The skin and fur of our four-legged friends are an important part of the canine and feline anatomy. They reflect your friend's appearance, health, age and to some extent, life history. Orme Naturali products are made exclusively with natural ingredients. They are enriched with special elements with dermatological effect, suitable for all skin types and hair.

  • ALMACABIO for household cleaning and body care

For Almacabio attention to the welfare of people and respect for the environment, are not about fashion. They are the cornerstone that guides them all along. This is why they create Eco-Bio-compatible detergents, cleaners, and products for cleaning and body care. They have been doing it since the ’70s, when the EcoBio concept began to spread in Europe. Since then, they have grown without failing in their principles.

Almacabio has the Bio C.E.Q. and VeganOk certificates.

Our company contributes to spread a culture of sustainability and co-responsibility in relation to humanity and nature. We always and everywhere respect the written and moral laws in our actions, so that our products do not cause harm to people or the environment.

Vege 4 d.o.o., Ferrarska 14, p.p. 1037, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

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Ami – 100% rastlinska hrana
za pse in mačke

AMI je italijanski proizvajalec hrane za pse in mačke.
Hrana je 100% rastlinska brez primesi živalskega izvora in
brez poskusov na živalih (cruelty free).


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Vege 4 d.o.o.

Ferrarska 14
p.p. 1037
6000 Koper, Slovenija
+ 386 5 630 22 99

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